Reset & Restore: Self Care Yoga for Moms

A space to nourish your body.

Motherhood brings a state of transition and uncertainty and difficult emotions can arise. It can be difficult to find the time and space for self care. We are offering a safe and supportive yoga space for moms to feel grounded, emotionally supported, and connected to themselves and other women. In this yoga workshop, you will have the opportunity to slow down, feel your body and practice self compassion. We will explore gentle movement and deep relaxation. From this place of presence, relief and clarity can emerge to bring a greater sense of alignment and ease.I will guide you into awareness of breath and gentle stretching to feel grounded in your body and allow tension to release. We will also explore restorative postures to soften, relax and feel a sense of ease. I will guide you through a meditation and journaling practice to reflect on your experience and receive your body's insights for your life. Afterwards, we will have time to share and connect as a group. Come to class as you are, and leave feeling more aligned, nourished and connected to your true self. This is for those needing a little extra dose of love and self care. A supportive space for: Decreasing stress and anxiety. Cultivating compassion for yourself. Listening to the wisdom within you. Develop confidence and trust in yourself. Experience relief and clarity about your life. Fresh and forward moving energy. Create space for new possibilities.